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Company manufacturer of paper packaging, namely producing paper bags, for many types of products, with full-color printing by flexography and offset printing on paper bags. Giving moisture resistant qualities of paper bags by using a polyethylene film or laminated paper.

«KMN» — a young, dynamic company, for the production of high quality paper bags for various purposes, with modern equipment using only high quality raw materials. So paper bags, which are made by our company, will fully meet your needs. In the face of our company, you will find a reliable partner with a young and energetic team, who feel the dynamics of the market and offer the highest level of cooperation. Our philosophy is based on an integrated approach to the execution of orders, the use of modern and innovative business practices. In our work we focus on meeting the needs of the customer with its minimal cost.

Products for which we have already done packing

Seeds, charcoal, animal feed, premixes, dry mortar, glue, putty, frozen berries, milk powder, casein, egg powder, cement, medicines, food additives, cocoa, spices, seasonings, chalk, bitumen, starch, flour, sugar, pasta, drying, abrasives, soda, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, beet seeds, soybean seeds, coal, briquettes, feed additives, milk replacer.

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